My Kpop Mixtape 

Hey, This post is just going to be pretty chill. Basically just all of my favourite kpop songs together making the most lit mixtape ever. Enjoy and be careful not to set your house on fire whilst playing this mixtape.   As if it’s your last – Blackpink  Don’t wanna cry – Seventeen  Skydive – B.A.P … More My Kpop Mixtape 

I Miss You 

I miss you, I miss the way your mouth widened into a smile, and the way your eyes lit up when you were happy. I even miss the way you would lay on my shoulder when you were crying, and I miss when you would always do the same back to me. I fell into your deep, … More I Miss You 

School Rant 

Hey lovelies So I live in Australia and it’s winter and we are still at school loaded with work. And all I wanna do is blog loads and just do something fun, but assignments. Ugh. And studying. Yay.. not. I get that school is important and supposed to be the best years of our life … More School Rant 

Apps I Am Loving RN

​Hey lovelies, Sooo, basically I am just gonna share a couple of my favourite apps that I am absolutely loving right now and maybe you will like them too. They are all pretty random but anyway let’s just begin.  Snow – Guys snow is so good, it is kind of like snapchat but way better … More Apps I Am Loving RN